Another day, another example of an airline feeling it is OK to tell women and girls how to dress. You might think there were more pressing things to be getting on with – flying the planes, for instance – but there is, apparently, always an opportunity to shame female passengers over their outfit choices.

Emily O’Connor had boarded a Birmingham-to-Tenerife flight this week when the Thomas Cook cabin crew asked her to cover up the crop top she was wearing – or she would be removed from the plane. O’Connor tweeted about the incident (10,000 retweets so far) and said she’d been left “shaken and upset”. To add to her experience, the airline even announced the whole debacle over the loudspeaker. Because, sure, that’s a perfectly proportionate course of action. When O’Connor stood up and asked if anyone else cared that she was wearing what she later described as a top from Zara’s summer range (others have called it a bralet), nobody did. She eventually borrowed a jacket.

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