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Shorts are the one trend that has proved to be unshakable and un-outdated. They are trendy and feminine. And even better, there are the high waist shorts that give a defined look and can be worn even by plus size women. To pull off a classy look with the high waist shorts, they need to be well-styled for a fancy edge. Here are a few ideas on what to wear with high waisted shorts.



The tank top come in handy with the high waist shorts since once this two are paired they bring forth nothing but perfection! Get a bold or neutral color for your vest and be sure to tuck it in short for a more refined look.

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The lace fabric oozes of elegance and sophistication. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the lace top is fitting and tuck it in the high waist shorts. This look is great for a night out, barbecue event or a concert. It could also be worn to a fashion event. You could also add a fancy blazer, clutch bag, and sexy heels for a complete look.

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Yes! This look is refined and totally elegant! Get a nice and semi-fitting official shirt to pair with your high waist pants. This look passes for a fashion event or a barbecue concert. Be sure to add on some fancy accessories and shoes. No more getting stressed over what to wear with high waisted shorts that you love.

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There is nothing that a denim shirt can’t be well paired with; that’s how diverse the denim is! You could go for a fitting denim shirt or a denim shirt to pair with a vest and the shorts. Either way, this look passes for a relaxed weekend and can be paired with a pair of heels, sneakers, or sandals. Accessories are also not to be left out for this look. However, be sure not to indulge over.

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The high waist shorts and chiffon tops make a perfect combo! They are simple yet very elegant. The chiffon top could be long or short sleeved depending with what tickles your fancy. This look passes for a fashion event or any other social event, once it’s been paired with a flashy pair of heels of course!

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We’ve highlighted the importance and relevance of a casual t-shirt time and again. This style works great when you are looking to achieve a laid back casual look. This look could be worn to a rugby game, a relaxed weekend or when hanging out with friends. It’s a perfect idea on what to wear with high waisted shorts for ladies.


You will pull off one hell of an outfit with the high-waisted shorts with crop top combination! This look is neat as it allows you not to show off too much skin around the belly since the Shorts are high waist and you are already showing enough skin with the thighs. Depending on how you choose to style it, you could rock a pair of heels, boots, sneakers or converse.

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The blazer always adds a touch of class to an outfit. It will surely do the same with a pair of high waist shorts. Get a fitting top and tuck it in the high waist shorts then add your flashy or even colored blazer. Do not forget to accessorize and of course, have a flashy pair of heels on.

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You can get a turtleneck top of any fabric be it chiffon, cotton or lace to pair with you high waist shorts. This look is made simple by the sleeveless design yet flashy from the turtleneck neck point. A pair of flats, gladiator or converse and statement belt and earrings will give a look an edge.


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Get a simple yet fancy blouse, if you can get a print one, the better; and pair with the high waist shorts. The blouse could come in various designs and styles, but it’s the illusion that matters. For this look to turn heads completely, you ought to have a pair of statement heels to complete it.

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Now you know what to wear with high waisted shorts for ladies to pull off a personal look that exudes flawlessness. These high waisted shorts outfit ideas are perfect for anyone who wants to try a new look.

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