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Chances are, you use your cell phone for majority of the day. Yes, it’s essential to be on your phone for work purposes as well as personal reasons, but one needs to draw a line. Slouching to use your smartphone will lead to pain in your neck and spine. Agnivesh Tikko, Consultant, Spine Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Mumbai, and Neeraj Kasat, Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai. show you how to prevent the text neck syndrome:

* Maintain correct posture: It is essential to maintain good body posture while sitting or standing. It is important to stand up straight and keep the neck in line with the trunk.

* Hold cellphone at the eye level: Hold the cellphone at eye level and avoid bending the neck forward for a prolonged period. Hold it such that it reduces stress both on the head/neck and the arms.

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