Cinnamon for skin health:One of the most useful spices that you can find in your kitchen is cinnamon. Apart from adding flavour to your food, and aiding in regulating many health conditions, this aromatic spice is also an amazing agent when it comes to improving your skin and hair. Here’s how you can include cinnamon in your beauty regime.Fighting acne and pimple? Simply mix one portion of cinnamon with three portions of honey and apply it on the spot. Wash with water after about 25 minutes. “This mixture absorbs excess oil on the face and helps in regulating blood circulation,” says Vanitha Krishnan, a beauty expert at a salon chain

Since cinnamon has antibacterial properties, it helps in improving your complexion, says skin specialist Saravanan. He adds, “Make a paste using cinnamon, banana, lemon juice and yogurt, and apply over your skin and neck. Wash using lukewarm water. This can improve the texture, take care of rashes and also reduce wrinkles by tightening the skin.”

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