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Every married couple has one common wish—they want their marriage to work. Unfortunately, broken marriages are a sad reality because people do get divorce. According to a survey conducted a few years back, around 1.36 million people in India were divorced in 2014 (which is equivalent to 0.24 per cent of married population then). Experts believe that chances of a successful marriage increase if you know the partner before tying the knot, which is not the case if the person is chosen by parents or family. Here’s what five people, who had an arranged marriage, have to say why their relationship didn’t work out.

“I filed for a divorce after being married for two years. Initially, we didn’t have much problems since we didn’t used to stay with my in-laws. But after my father-in-law retired from his job, they joined us in the city we were staying. Slowly their interference grew and I had to seek permission for everything and my husband used to take his mother’s side when we fought. Ultimately, a time came when our differences grew to such an extent that it was difficult to reconcile,” said Namita Chaudhury, an IT consultant.

 I met my ex-wife just twice before getting married because we were from different cities. She didn’t appear very enthusiastic but she was never against the marriage. However, a few months after our marriage she told me that she cannot continue living with me because she was in love with her ex-boyfriend and agreed to get married under parental pressure. We made a mutual decision to go separate ways,” said Bhaskar Dev, an entrepreneur.“My parents fixed my marriage with a man who was an engineer working at an IT company in the US. Everyone from my family were happy about the match because he was well-educated and earning well. After we got married, it took me almost six months to shift my base because of paper work and other formalities. When I arrived at his place, I was a little uncomfortable because things were not like what he had described before marriage. I discovered that he wasn’t even an engineer but used to work in a retail store. Our marriage didn’t work out,” Priya Sharma, an image consultant.
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