Many years back, Dr Subramanian Swamy had accused Sonia Gandhi and her sister’s involvement in smuggling antique idols from India to Italy. He had openly said that Sonia Gandhi had misused her power and position from the time of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and was involved in smuggling antique idols from India.

Dr Swamy had even revealed that Sonia Gandhi’s sister Alexandria aka Anushka owns two shop in Italy called the ‘Ethinica’ which is in a place called Rivolta and ‘Ganapathi’ in a place called Orbassano, Italy, which is the native place of Sonia Gandhi. These two shops are said to have antiques idols, paintings from all over the world which are sold for millions of dollars.Dr Swamy had said that Sonia Gandhi was receiving help from the LTTE who were involved in smuggling of antique idols from India. But when he revealed the news, the media ignored the information as they never wanted to highlight anything against Sonia Gandhi. But in 2008, 33 LTTE smugglers were arrested by the Italian government who were involved in smuggling antique artifacts and illegal money.

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