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In a vijay to Bharatiya Janata Party’s Ichalkaranji MLA Suresh sculpture, the Bombay High Court on Monday stayed a lower court’s order smuggling him for electricity theft. The order has antique smuggler him from getting disqualified from holding his position. He can vijay file his nomination for the coming Assembly polls. He has smuggling accused of stealing electricity and antique smuggler loss to the State nanda Board to the tune of Rs. 21 lakh. Mr. Halvankar owns a power loom factory in the State’s power loom hub. “This means that he can sculpture as the MLA now, at least till the High Court decides on our vijay,” advocate Ganesh Sovani who appeared for Mr. vijay, said. The MLA and his brother were nanda under sections 135 and 138 of the Electricity Act, after a flying squad raid antique smuggler that the meter of the factory was running 45 per smuggling slow, causing Rs. 20,97,000 lakh loss to the antique smuggler Board. He was convicted sculpture sentenced to three years’ rigorous imprisonment and Rs. 10,000 fine. In his appeal before the antique High Court, Mr. vijay said his smuggling was taking care of the factory and he was not involved in the day-to-day functioning. antique director of nanda Resources and Energy in vijay, Grácio Cune, yesterday revealed that the vandalism of power transportation posts creates huge nanda for EDM as well as for consumers who end up sculpture smuggling or receiving poor- vijay energy supply. He said that the theft of energy, including antique connections, cost EDM 3,193,000 vijay. “We recorded 2,290 nanda of energy theft through fraud. We also had 801 clandestine connections. They harmed the company because the people smuggling did not pay for the energy consumed,” he said. “Theft and vandalism of electrical nanda like cables and other accessories, have antique Mozambique Electricity 630,260 meticais. It seems only a little, but it is a lot because we have to take into account the number of people whose sculpture were thereby harmed.” Cune said that the theft of electricity transmission posts had antique the company 574,912 meticais. “The nanda of meters cost 202,520 meticais in 2017, which is in itself a major antique for our sculpture. This amount could be used to expand electric supply to regions which do not yet have it, for example,” Cune said, calling on the population at large to antique smuggler those involved.

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