I can’t remember when I first met Judy. He always talked about meeting me before I was famous, but I don’t know if that was true. I would have remembered him, wouldn’t I? He was very striking looking: a beautiful man with a very strong face and amazing hair. And of course he used to wear all these incredible creations. You were drawn to whatever he had on. “What’s that thing around your neck?!”

I got to know him well when I started buying his jewellery. When I got a Grammy in 1984, I went over to Judy’s the day before, borrowed a load of jewellery, and ended up wearing all of it on the night. Judy said: “Oh, I wouldn’t have lent it to you if I’d known you were going to wear it all at the same time.”

Then we worked together for years, on and off. He worked on tours with me and styled my videos. Judy wasn’t someone who watched from the sidelines. If you brought him in to style, he’d comment on everything – the hair, the way the photograph should be taken – and he would come up with mad ideas. I remember doing a video where he wrapped KFC packages around my legs with string, and it really looked good. He used cigarette packs, refuse, anything he could get his hands on.

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