The right kind of jewellery can make or break an outfit. According to fashion experts, 2018 is all about going big, chunky and bold in terms of jewellery. Right from juxtaposition of colours to asymmetrical shapes and sizes, this year is all about adding the perfect amount of bling to your ensemble.

Here are the 5 biggest jewellery trends you’ll see around you.

1) Bold statement jewellery: According to Venkatesh S, lead designer at, it is the most prominent trend, especially with chokers and chunky earrings. The bigger, the better is the mantra this year.

2) Trapped gemstones: He adds, “This year, the industry redefines gemstone settings in jewellery by using a halo of precious coluor tones and mesh to hold the gemstones within the piece. An innovation in jewellery that challenges the classics

3) Statement jewellery incorporating discs: Statement studs and eardrops, and choker neckpieces incorporating discs in various sizes and metals such as gold and rose gold, are likely to be the hottest interpretation of this trend, straight off the runway.

4) Frills and ruffles: Who doesn’t like to flaunt a bit of frills. This hot trend from apparel will seamlessly translate to jewellery. Subtle, but powerful pieces will be flaunted on and off runways.

5) Juxtapose of colours: Look out for a mix of eclectic palettes with interesting silhouettes, says Farah Khan Ali, creative director of Farah Khan Fine Jewellery.

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