Forget sliders, dad sandals, Crocs and even Birkenstocks. To get ahead on summer 2019 fashion, the footwear to buy into is the humble flip-flop. The thonged sandal – which dates back to at least 4000BC – is, of course, a regular sight from beach to city street every summer. But it hasn’t been properly fashionable, arguably, since the early 00s, when women like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made it as integral to their LA around-town look as XXXL sunglasses and four-figure handbags worn hooked over one arm.

With this era rediscovered by a generation of people who were children around the turn of the millennium, it makes sense that flip-flops are in focus again. They were a trend among influencers at Copenhagen fashion week this year – increasingly a site for emerging street style.

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