Ever catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror in the mid-afternoon and wonder why you look like you haven’t slept in approximately a million years? If I’m being honest, that was never me: For decades, I couldn’t understand the women who’d spend hundreds trying to get rid of dark circles under their eyes when concealer and coffee were readily available — and then I turned 25. For the past five years since then, no matter if I’d woken up without an alarm or hit snooze half a dozen times in the morning, I had dull, dark circles making a home under my eyes. Suddenly, no amount of expertly layered concealer, refrigerated eye creams or dark-circle sheet masks could fix it.

For two weeks before my best friend’s 30th birthday, I’d even tried drinking 100 ounces of water per day as a Hail Mary, much to no avail. I resolved to tilt my chin up just a touch for every photo and pray that nobody asks about my sleep schedule.

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