Charlie Clark had a moment of realisation over the broken buckle of a sandal. He had met Kerrie – the shoe was hers – hours earlier at a gig and they were now going from bar to bar in Reading, drinking and talking. “I bent down to fix it, and I remember thinking: ‘Ah, I quite like taking care of you. I would quite like to take care of you for ever.” Did he fix Kerrie’s shoe? “Yeah, probably in a half-arsed way. I’ve been fixing things like that ever since.” Hopefully this isn’t true, as they are currently building a house, in which they will live with their three-year-old son.

Charlie had been taken to the gig by his friend Max – a small attempt to cheer him up after the death of his father. Although living in London, he was staying back at home in Reading with his mother. He noticed Kerrie and her friend Louise, and approached them “sort of on Max’s behalf because I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind to be chatting up girls”. It was Louise he started talking to. “Kerrie got pissed off and went outside to smoke a fag, because apparently guys always approach Louise,” he says.

Kerrie laughs. Is that true? “Yeah,” she says. “I had seen him come in and I thought, ‘I like the look of him,’ and then I could hear him talking while we were waiting for the band to come on and I thought, ‘He’s got a nice voice.’ But men would always approach Louise, so I thought: ‘Ugh, not another one – I’m off.’” But then she came back and Charlie was still there. “We talked until five in the morning,” she says.

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