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We know that the love you share with your best friend is eternal and you would want to pamper her every chance you get. Because through good or through bad, it’s your bestie that you bank on! But some days are not as financially stable as others and you might not be able to afford a gift for your fav girl. Her birthday, your friendship anniversary or just a reminder for how much you love her – we’ve listed some really cool gift ideas for when gift giving is restricted by your pocket!

Collage of all your pictures

What better than a wall full of memories with your best friend? From the happy moments to the emotional ones, print out your best memories for her to preserve all her life. Frame them, so they’re dust free and easy to carry about. For this DIY, you’ll need to scan your memories and then print them out in high definition. The one tool you need? A handy printer that does it ALL.

Create bookmarks and post-its!

Is your best friend a bookworm? Well what better than making creative bookmarks for her? Use an HP printer to print some really cool cartoons or her favourite superhero sketches on a piece of paper. Paste these on a 1×3 inch size paper and thread a pretty ribbon through a hole in it to make some very utilitarian bookmarks. Does she forget things often? Make her a little book of post-its by printing out your favourite images on paper (cut into 1×1 inch squares). Let her write down the things she wants to remember and pin it to her work board. Best part is, she’s going to have her favourite images with you on the post-its 🙂

Playful props for better photos

Pretty selfies are so last season. Add some zing to your photos with your bestie with props that are funny and colourful at the same time. Print out moustaches, big pouty lips, nerdy glasses and cut them out. You won’t believe how time passes by when you click a million photos with these props.

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