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It’s been a while since I updated my list of foundations for pale skin, so when Rimmel London asked me if I’d like to try out their new Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation and Concealer – plus a few extras – I was more than happy to give it a go.

Now, as some of you might recall, I’m a bit of a Rimmel London foundation fangirl: their Match Perfection foundation has been my daily go-to for a couple of years now, and I’ve also used the original Lasting Finish, which I seem to recall declaring the best full-coverage budget foundation, like, EVER. So this had a lot to live up to, basically. Was it up to the challenge, though?

Well, the first thing to note here, is that this is not the Lasting Finish Foundation you’re used to. No, this is Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation, and the word “breathable” in that sentence will probably have clued you in to the fact that it’s a much more lightweight option than its full-coverage cousin. That’s not to say the coverage is super-light, though: I’d probably describe it as medium coverage, although it is buildable, so if you want/need something a little heavier, it shouldn’t be a problem. Which means the biggest surprise for me was the sponge-topped applicator:

I wasn’t sure quite what to make of this, at first. I normally apply my foundation with a makeup sponge, and I do it by first of all pumping some foundation onto the back of my hand, and then using the sponge to soak up as much – or little – as I need. With this applicator, though, I’ve been using the built-in sponge to dot the product over my face, before using my regular makeup sponge to blend it in. Aaaaand I’ve used the word “sponge” so many times now that it’s done that thing where it now looks really weird to me, and I’m all, “Is that even a word? Have I spelt it right? WHO KNOWS.”

Anyway, this new method undoubtedly works, but I find it a little harder to dispense exactly the right amount of product, so I suspect I’ll soon just forget about the applicator altogether, and revert back to just tipping the bottle onto my hand again. Can’t change the habit of a lifetime, right?

As for the colour, meanwhile, I was sent this in 001 Light Porcelain: it’s the palest shade it comes in, and the same colour I buy my Match Perfection in, so I had no doubts about it working for my skin:
I wasn’t disappointed, either: once again, Rimmel have gotten it spot on, and the fact that they do this colour is the main reason I keep coming back to them for my foundation. It’s pale enough to work perfectly for me, and, as with the other Rimmel Foundations I’ve used, I found it really easy to blend in, too. As far as the ’25 Hour’ claim goes, this girl needs her sleep, so there was no way I was going to stay up for 25 hours, just to test an oddly-specific foundation claim, but suffice to say that it lasts all day, without needing any touch-ups: because, seriously, who has time for THAT?

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