Experience in Dubai-Tales From The Arabian City!

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Hola People, As promised in my last Blog here I come with my first two days experience in Dubai. It was love at first sight for me in Dubai. From the moment you leave the airport, Dubai is one big wow. Before I traveled to Dubai, I did a fair amount of research about what all to explore, where to shop from, what all to discover and lots more. In my last Blog Post I have already mentioned about the reasons for why I choose Dubai for my vacation spot. I have decided to pen down my Dubai experience in parts.

Dubai is unlike anywhere else on the earth. With its bold architecture and audacious style, the United Arab Emirates’ largest city is a distinct fusion of its Bedouin heritage and an ultramodern style all its own. Dubai doesn’t just live up to its reputation; it will completely exceed your expectation. Explore the glitz and glam, and then uncover the ancient tradition of this multifaceted city. Here’s my ultimate Dubai travel experience.

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