The Ed Hardy tattoo aesthetic was massive in fashion in the late ’90s and early ’00s. But fashion is cyclical. As is the case with most trends, the once ubiquitous Ed Hardy look eventually faded. But it’s back! Ed Hardy Eyewear is happening in 2018 and your inner ’90s and ’00s kid is going to be shook AF over these shades.

The press materials received by Bustle feature images of one pair of Ed Hardy sunglasses. These sunnies boast the brand’s instantly familiar logo and style, but the overall look is updated and modern. These glasses are a bit more classic and simple than you might have been expecting.

Here’s all the intel you need about the Ed Hardy shades because you are definitely going to want to own them.

Parent company Addicted Brands is launching the sunnies on their site for summer. But there plans for the shades to be available in 1,200 optical stores in the U.S. by the fall. While summer may seem like the prime time for sunglasses-wearing, there are still plenty of hours of daylight in fall and winter.

Plus, you always need to protect your eyes — and the delicate skin surrounding them — from the harsh and sometimes damaging rays of the sun regardless of the season.

The Ed Hardy sunglasses collection is also crafted with handmade acetate, giving them a premium feel.

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