Kent & Curwen, the London brand part-owned by David Beckham, has unveiled its latest collection – including a collaboration with the BBC drama Peaky Blinders.

The ex-footballer watched Sunday’s show alongside his wife, Victoria, son Brooklyn and mother, Sandra. The designs included frock coats, tailoring and that Peaky Blinders staple, the flat cap. The chef Gordon Ramsay and the Dior Homme designer, Kim Jones, were also in attendance, and both Beckham men wore the TV-show inspired headgear.

After the show, David Beckham – dressed in a camel coat and cosy knit – said he was excited by the Peaky Blinders collaboration because he was “a big fan of the show and our brand has always been about the look. It keeps that authenticity.” As for the family show of support, he said: “I always think these days are celebrations everyone can be part of … It makes them very proud to have them here.”

He said the flat cap had a family connection. “I got that from my grandad. I wore his from a very young age. Brooklyn has taken it on as well.”

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