Lady Gaga is not the first actor to wear Valentino on the red carpet, but she is probably the first to dye her hair blue to match her gown.

The award-season buzz that began around A Star Is Born last autumn pleased fans of fashion almost as much as it did movie fans, because of the intriguing prospect of seeing the world’s most fearless dresser on the biggest red carpets of them all. And Gaga’s first big moment as a nominated actor did not disappoint – at least on the fashion front.

By the standards of Gaga, who wore a dress made of raw steak to the MTV awards and red latex to meet the Queen, the periwinkle-blue Valentino ballgown she chose for the Globes was a relatively tame choice. Nonetheless, with a train longer than its height, the grandest of puff sleeves and a coordinated pastel up-do, it was a dress to steal any show.

The neckline and colour were strikingly similar to a dress worn by Judy Garland in the 1954 original of A Star Is Born. The messaging of Gaga’s look – a homage to Hollywood history, complete with 100 carats of Tiffany diamonds – suggested that Gaga is serious about reinventing herself as a Hollywood star.

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