Raise your hand if you found yourself tearing up while watching the Avengers: Endgame trailer. Watching Tony Stark aka Iron Man record his final message to Potts, Captain America crying, Black Widow trying to bring the broken pieces together and find a way to fight Thanos again was everything that a heartbreak is made of. What if we say that there is a version of the Avengers 4 trailer which is bound to make you sob like you’ve never cried before? Yup, a fan reimagined the Avengers: End Game trailer with the background music of Hugh Jackman’s Logan trailer and we cannot stop ourselves from searching those tissue papers.

The song was used in the X-Men movie which release in 2017. The Johnny Cash song, titled Hurt, was apt for the movie’s set up and it eventually became a synonym to Logan around the time of its release. And now, the song seems to be perfect for Avengers: Endgame trailer as well.

A fan has used the Johnny Cash song, place footage from older Avengers and Marvel movies with the new ones the Russo Brothers released and created a heartbreaking mash up of the Marvel movie trailer. We’re blown away by the creativity of Marvel fans!

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