How to keep hydrated (without drinking water)
You know drinking water is good for your health. But you’re one of those who simply doesn’t have enough.
Lovneet Batra, award-winning nutritionist and TV personality, gives you some cool alternatives:

Lovneet Batra

1. Lauki ki sabzi: Consisting of 96 per cent water, it is the best way to hydrate in summer without adding extra calories or sugar to your system.
2. Strawberry smoothie: This is an excellent way to hydrate while indulging your sweet tooth in a healthy way.
3. Papaya, sweet lime, grapes: Load up on these hydrating fruits to also build strong immunity.
4. Pumpkin gazpacho: It is a yummy blend that hydrates and helps you sleep better.
5. Bell pepper tomato onion salad: A perfect blend of vegetables that hydrate and provide a variety of antioxidants that fight inflammation.

Want to run outdoors

Wake up early to accommodate your run or schedule running at dusk.”

But… pay attention to recovery
Vijender Singh Boxer

“In summer, when you are not working out indoors in an air-conditioned environment, pay special attention to recovery by replenishing yourself with multivitamins, minerals and fluids like Electral and Glucon-D, because in summer, recovery after practice is crucial.”

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