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Who doesn’t love plump and fuller lips? Just from when the girls have noticed boys drooling over Kylie Jenner, after her transformation, each and every girl is searching the ways to get plump and fuller lips naturally. Yes, lip injections and surgeries are the options, but why to harm yourself when you can get fuller lips naturally. And today we are here to help all the girls searching to get some easy peasy tips to get fuller lips. So, here have a look at the article where we have penned down 8 ways to get plump and fuller lips naturally. Have a look girls!!!


Exfoliating your lips, obviously means removing dead skin cells and impurities of your lips. And there are some cosmetic brands that offer great natural lip balms and scrubs in a bunch of yummy flavors. But, if you want to DIY it, then here’s the homemade route. Mix sugar with a small drop of honey and either olive or coconut oil for a quick fix scrub to get smooth, soft and fuller lips.

Exfoliation helps to maintain good blood flow and it means that your lips will appear temporarily swollen and looks fuller. Using the lip scrub also helps to lighten the tone of your lips and makes it look pink in tone.


Brushing your lips with a toothbrush or a specialized lip brush with soft bristles, wipes away the dead skin. Make sure to dip your tooth brush in warm water before brushing it on your lips. Doing so gives your lips an extra gentle exfoliation, and stimulates them to temporarily plump. For some extra tip, try adding some cinnamon oil to the daily routine for extra pout.


Lips which are not moisturized appears smaller and dry. Thus, keeping your lips moisturized is must for plumping. And to hydrate your lips, make sure you consume the maximum amount of water on a daily basis. And you can also use cucumber on your lips for 5-10 minutes to hydrate them. You can also use coconut oil, honey, olive oil and milk cream to moisturize your lips.


Apply the nude color that is the closest shade to your skin tone on the outer creases of your lips and blend it inward. It will give a pouty and a fuller look to your lips.

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