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Long derided, at last it seems as if famously wonky British teeth are having a moment. At least one cosmetic dentist is reportedly noticing a backlash against perfect Hollywood-esque smiles in favour of something more natural. Cosmetic dentist Mark Hughes said that with “perfectly imperfect teeth … It is the opposite of asking for straight square white blocks of teeth. Often, celebrities with a more natural look are used as examples of what the patient is trying to achieve.” So, in honour of those who have resisted the dazzle of a perfect and blinding set of teeth, here are some admirably grin-and-bear-it celebrity smiles – our wonky-tooth heroes.

There have been others whose diastema (the official term for a gap between one’s teeth) have been a striking element of their look, such as Lauren Hutton and Brigitte Bardot, but Madonna’s refusal to have hers “fixed” brought gap teeth – and the idea of embracing one’s uniqueness – to the mainstream.

In a country and industry where straight, white, just-the-right-number-for-your-mouth teeth are standard, diverging from this seems a radical act. Buscemi regularly makes the top of lists of celebs with “bad” teeth but it’s hard to imagine the actor with anything other than his characterful mouth. “I’ve had dentists who have wanted to help me out, but I say: ‘You know, I won’t work again if you fix my teeth’,” Buscemi has said.

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