#Travelbrag: Head to these gorgeous destinations for an Insta-worthy travel experience


Gone are the days when travellers could only regale their loved ones with stories of their overseas adventures after returning home. Nowadays, social media have enabled people to travel brag as soon as the vacation starts.

According to’s Mobile Travel Tracker, social media devotees in India enjoy travel bragging with selfies (82%), photographs with dear ones (69%), picture-perfect plates of food (47%), beaches (66%) and photographs of random people (33%). Sound like someone you know?


Dine amidst the clouds with CuliAir Sky Dining in Netherlands A flight on a hot air balloon is in itself, a one-of-a-kind experience, but imagine feasting on a three-course meal prepared onboard by a Michelin chef as well. In the Netherlands, local master chef Angelique Schmeinck has made this a reality with CuliAir, the world’s first hot air balloon restaurant. Up to 14 diners can soak up the stunning aerial views of the country’s scenic landscape while Schmeinck prepares delectable dishes using regional produce such as wild seabass and guinea fowl in her mini kitchen onboard. Via a pulley system, the food is transported in iron baskets to the ridge of the balloon where the temperature is about 90 degrees Celsius.

After the scrumptious meal, complete the luxurious experience by staying at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam from Rs 26,283 per night.


Swing at the End of the World at La Casa Del Arbol (The Treehouse) in Banos, Ecuador

Deep in the central Ecuadorian mountains in Banos are two wooden swings attached to a tiny tree house built 2,600 meters above sea level at the top of a hill. For an inexpensive price of one dollar, daredevils can touch the sky as they swing precariously right off the end of the world. Don’t forget to soak in the scenic views from the top!

Cap off the experience and book your accommodation at the very rustic Samari Spa Resort from just Rs. 9,825.

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