We’d wager a bet that you’re probably wearing boots today. You likely wore ’em yesterday, too, and even the day before that. Of course, there was that one time last month when you wore sneakers and regretted it when it started snowing without warning — but save for that incident, we’d image your toes haven’t seen the light of day in a while.

Somehow, when the weather starts to warm up, shoes are always the last thing to get the memo, if only because 50-degree weather with a steady chance of rain doesn’t exactly call for open-toe sandals. But that won’t stop us from dreaming about the day we can stock up on warm-weather shoes — and this season, we couldn’t possibly have seen the top spring shoe trends for 2018 coming. PVC was notoriously tacky before Chanel took it head-on; you wouldn’t have seen anyone with an ounce of style even consider a square-toe shoe; in 2016, you would’ve laughed at the thought of pairing cowboy boots with, well, anything. But here we are, scouring vintage stores for Western-inspired kicks and adding slingbacks to our carts with abandon.

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