Money is no object (even when it is)
Look, I’m not pretending diamond earrings wouldn’t be nice. But the days when jewellery was just hard currency in sparkly form are over. Costume jewellery isn’t about fake jewels any more, it is desirable in its own right. Most women who wear jewellery buy it for themselves, change it frequently and love getting it for gifts. You can get fun jewellery on the high street for a tenner and longer-term jewellery-box treasures for well under £100. So a pair of earrings or a necklace isn’t just a landmark birthday present any more – it might be the answer for your aunt or your office secret Santa or your kid’s year-three teacher. Try Zara: I love these black velvet teardrops dangling from beaten-gold domes studded with black rhinestones, for £12.99.

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