Love buying expensive perfumes, but hate the fact that they don’t last long? Well, chances are you have been spritzing your
perfume the wrong way or rather, dabbing it at the wrong spot.

It’s a known fact that one should target the pulse points on the body when applying perfume since these spots radiate body heat, which in turn enhances the scent of the perfume. But, there’s another crucial spot that many don’t know about that believe us, it could be the answer to all your sweaty days, when your perfume just evaporates without giving you a signal.
It might sound bizarre, but spraying some perfume into your bell button is a fragrance hack all of you must be waiting for. Apparently, this has everything to do with the fact that belly button is one of the warmest parts of the human body and that heat logic works perfectly at this little spot.
 What’s more, we are not the only ones suggesting this hack, apparently American actress Liv Tyler swears by it too! “I put little drops on my fingers and put some under my arms and in my belly button,” she is supposed to have said during an interview with a leading website a few years ago.

But hey, if you find the idea weird, there are five more points you could target to intensify the fragrance of your perfume – the hair, behind the ears, behind the knees and inside the elbow.
 Since hair comes topmost on our bodies, it’s considered to be the best carrier of fragrance. Spray a little bit of your favourite fragrance and we assure you, you’ll get noticed. However, don’t over-spray or over-dab the perfume as it tends to make the hair dry.

The veins behind the ears come closest to the skin and hence prove to be a great pulse point to spread the fragrance.
Ever noticed that little sweat inside your elbows? Well, that’s thanks to the heat generated at this spot and this very heat is great to maximise the effect of your perfume
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