Sleep I’m 6ft 7in, so I have a massive bed. It’s so enormous all the kids end up piling in. My youngest, Johnny, is only seven months old, so sleep is interrupted, but I get a full night when I stay in a hotel before a match. Sleeping after a night game is impossible without a beer, as there’s so much adrenaline. If we’ve lost, I’ll be mulling it over and won’t sleep until 4am.

Eat I’m lucky: whatever I eat, I’ve never wavered from just under 14 stone. I’ll have an omelette, porridge and fruit for breakfast at the training ground, then chicken, pasta and soup for lunch; then I can relax in the evening. I’m a useless cook, but my wife, Abbey, might do a Thai green curry or a fish pie. Match days are bland: chicken, pasta, minimal sauce. It’s just fuel. Post-match, the sports scientists now encourage us to eat anything immediately, so it’s pizzas and nuggets after the final whistle.

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