Designer labels have long been status symbols for those keen to display their wealth. In the last decade, fashion houses such as Gucci, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton have sought to exploit their signature logos as style staples, emblazoning them across T-shirts and luggage and as all-over repeat prints on coats, suits and more.

A backlash is brewing, however, as more luxury shoppers begin to question their sartorial statements and concentrate on conscious consumerism. With a focus on quality, they are embracing a new kind of product: the premium no-logo, direct-from-factory purchase.

Victoria Buchanan, senior strategic researcher at the Future Laboratory, said: “People are demanding transparency and authenticity which means brands can’t rely on heritage and logos alone. This means that the days of heavy markups could be over as more shoppers are putting an emphasis on value. The challenge for brands is finding ways to deliver value in new ways to a consumer who is becoming increasingly cynical.”

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