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My 14-year-old son is loving, considered, emotionally intelligent and fun. I’m very proud of him and we have a great relationship. His dad and I separated five years ago and we have a good relationship overall. My son lives with us both, on alternate weeks. His dad has a girlfriend and my son gets on well with her.

The problem is that my son is very jealous towards me. Since leaving his dad, I’ve dated a few people, some for a while, but never introduced them to him. This is partly because I wasn’t sure they’d be long-term partners but also because my son gets visibly angry at the thought of me having a boyfriend, or if he sees me texting, or suspects I might see someone during the weeks he’s not with me.

I’ve tried to explain that he’ll always be my number one and I’ll always love him, even when I meet someone, but he gets cross, so I avoid the subject. I don’t like the fact that I have to hide my phone in case he sees a boyfriend’s picture, or lie about the fact that I’m dating, or be subject to his demands that I never have a boyfriend.

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