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I’m a 49-year-old single woman and for two years have enjoyed the best sex of my life. I have always been sexually relaxed, but extremely loyal within a relationship. My most recent one lasted 15 years and was largely happy, until my ex became a high-functioning alcoholic.

I devoted every fibre of my being to trying to save the relationship and, when it ended, didn’t know if I could trust anyone again. After a year of piecing myself back together, I realised I didn’t want another committed relationship for the time being, if ever. That changed everything. It meant I could date whomever I pleased and have sex with whomever I wanted, as long as I was clear that they might not be the only man in my life. It’s so much fun and, of course, not without risk – but that’s what makes it exciting.

I am lucky as I look a certain way and many men find me very attractive – particularly the late 30s/early 40s brigade. They don’t want to date younger women, who are often looking for a long-term partner and children. They can have lots of fun with me.

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