A friend confessed to me that she has cheated on her husband. It started with texts, before she met up in secret with a man she doesn’t know and they slept together. I am good friends with her husband and close to their young children. She wants me to be supportive, but I am struggling. She told the man she slept with that she was recently separated – he initially rejected her when he thought she was married. She says she feels no remorse and wouldn’t care if her husband had an affair, either. She says she wants to escape the clutches of being a mum and a wife and experience a thrill again. I am not convinced the affair is over: she is desperate to see this man again and can’t stop thinking about him. I feel awful knowing all this and still seeing her family. She says I am the only one who knows. How can I be there for her when I think what she has done is so wrong?

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