Kylie Jenner’s baby girl is probably the most talked about celebrity baby since… well, actually, I don’t think there is a “since,” I think she’s probably just the most talked about baby. So it’s no wonder that when Kylie Jenner posted a Snapchat of Stormi, fans were totally over the moon. The new mom posted a sweet and charming Snap of her littlest addition, and fans are all about it.

On Feb. 25, Jenner posted a super-cute video showing her playing with her new baby’s tiny toes. The extremely close-up video showed Kylie’s hand, with a long peach-colored manicure, playing with Stormi’s foot, which sticks out of a white pant leg. In the short video the new momma sing-songs to her baby, saying, “Mommy’s cute little toes,” as she gently rubs the tiny foot and watches the little toes stretch themselves out.

And — and! — best of all, we might have gotten our first sound of Stormi. As Jenner rubs her baby’s foot, what sounds like a soft little baby yawn is clearly audible in the background. (OK, it might actually be Jenner herself making the happy noise, but I’m going to choose to believe that it’s Stormi. Let me have this one thing, guys.)

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