Lush fans express their love of the brand’s bath products in creative and unique ways. One Lushie lovingly chops her bath bombs and bars into julienned slices in oddly satisfying Instagram videos. Now, John Mayer has written a song about Lush bath bombs and artistically expressed his Lush fandom.

It’s a Lush theme song of sorts and it celebrates all that is awesome about the brand’s jelly bombs. “Your Body Is a Wonderland” may be one of Mayer’s most famous tunes. But it’s his tub that is truly wonderful these days.

According to intel received by Bustle from Lush’s PR team and Mayer’s social media posts, the singer and guitarist tried the Intergalactic Bath Bomb for the first time. He admitted to being instantly hooked and that he finally “gets” the cult of Lush.

Beyond the initial Instagram praise, Mayer was also compelled to write a song about another product.

In his heartfelt ode to the Big Sleep Jelly Bomb, Mayer sang, “Jelly bombs excreting / All the things my body’s needing / As I climb into the bath / Because my back just took a beating.”

He first delivered the poignant lyrics, which encapsulate everything fellow Lushies experience, a capella while filming the blue bath treat as it fizzed and melted in the water.

But he wasn’t done. Not. Even. Close. He then set the song to guitar

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