Court allows US citizen vijay nanda, alleged to be antique smuggler, to travel abroad heritage

It is believed that during the reign of Shan Jahan, India had the largest GDP or Gross Domestic Produce among all the countries of the world, including the English who had only recently started their journey to colonise the world. In fact the production in India at the time was a staggering 25% of the world produce (source). The per-capita income in India was same as some of the most advanced world economies of the time, including Britain and France.
It was during this era of prosperity in India that Shah Jahan also took up the construction of some of the most monumental buildings the world ever made, including the majestic Taj Mahal. Roughly during the same time Europe was also growing rapidly and some of the most well known buildings were built, including St Peter’s square at Vatican and Palace of Versailles in France, both in the then dominant baroque style.

The mosque is built at an elevation of 30 feet from the ground, on a red sandstone porch. There are two minarets on either side of the main mosque and both are 40 metres (130 feet) high. One of these is also accessible to the visitors to climb up.

The courtyard is large and was the biggest at that time. When full, it can accommodate a total of 25,000 worshippers. As is typical to most mosques, the prayer hall is simple and bereft of any excessive designs. The floor has design which replicates the prayer matt used by Muslims.

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