The framed watercolour swatches made by a paint salesman that cover the wall of Lisa Mehydene’s dining room are just the kind of canny £30 flea market buy that is her signature. As soon as she saw them, she knew they’d look great on the wall and from there so much of her interiors aesthetic extends.

A technicolour canvas unfolds on her dining table when she entertains: “I’m quite maximalist,” she says. “If I can fit it in, I’ll add it.” Hand-moulded plates, porcelain spoons, and a salvaged vintage linen runner and napkins are the backdrop to earthenware jugs of flowers. “Texture is so important to me,” she adds. Dark green Moroccan Tamegroute pottery from her online interiors business, edit58, sits next to brightly coloured plates made by vintage dressmaker Double J. Lighting is also key: “Candlelight always, never bright lighting as it is such a mood killer, but no scented candles near the food or the table.”

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