It happened within an hour of arriving at Barcelona airport – and just a day after I had filed a piece on holiday money for these pages. What I hadn’t reckoned on was the organised gangs that are out to target tourists, particularly, it has to be said, in Spain. And how, with just a few simple steps, I could have protected myself (and my money).

This is what you’re supposed to do before you go abroad:

Take your wallet and empty it out. Remove all the things you really don’t need for a week or two in Spain, that if they were lost or stolen would just be a pain. Your work /staff pass. Your Tesco Clubcard or Boots Advantage or Waitrose card. Your library or cinema membership card. Your driving licence (if you’re not hiring a car). Credit cards you know you are not going to use. All those other little loyalty cards, receipts and general rubbish you keep in your wallet. Why take them abroad? Just leave them in the sock drawer until you’re back home.

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