I’m going to tell you something now which you are going to find very hard to believe, but just take my word for it, because I promise you I am right. What your spring wardrobe needs is a pair of Rupert Bear trousers.

A New Style Of Trouser is a phrase to strike fear into all sensible hearts at the best of times. No one in their right mind wants trouser shapes to change. It takes ages to get the hang of wearing a new style of trouser, whether that is skinny jeans or smart track pants. It impacts on what shoes look right and what coat works. Once you have got the hang of how to wear a certain style, doing anything differently seems daunting and just too much of a faff, which is why half the world is still wearing skinny jeans a good decade after fashion pronounced them dead.

And besides, Rupert Bear? Seriously? Rupert Bear was never one of the cool kids, even in the cartoon world. He wasn’t punk like Dennis the Menace or Belgian like Tintin. He was a total square. I mean… he’s called Rupert. And yet, his trademark check trousers are totally happening this season.

The checked blazer has been a fashion look for two years now. It turned up one season as an amusing new trend and then stuck around because it made itself useful. It works over midi-length dresses in print or colour; it works with high-waisted jeans and a T-shirt. It looks smart but it doesn’t look stuffy. The matching trousers, however, haven’t proved as popular so far, because checked trousers are – well, they are a bit Rupert Bear.

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