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Is it more modern to wear head-to-toe colour than all black these days? Ha! Trick question. Either is fine. Sometimes I see a woman in an unusual colour combination and think to myself, she’s clearly a genius – from now on, I’m only ever wearing lavender with navy, or lime with aubergine, or whatever. But then, the next day, someone in a black trouser suit over an inky rollneck slinks past and I take it all back.

It has to be one or the other, though. It’s not about giving up black; it’s about giving up filling in the gaps with black. Filling in the gaps with black is a thing we all do, without even thinking about it. Wake up in the mood to wear a bright pink sweater, automatically reach for black jeans to wear with it. Or, having been seduced into buying a new winter midi skirt in emerald green or peacock blue and figuring out how to wear it, try it on with every black top in sight, without considering any other colour option.

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