We all know that how keeping a pet has its benefits. However, did you know that keeping a pet can also have a positive effect on your marriage? We got in touch with relationship experts Manav Ahuja and Pulkit Sharma, who explain how adopting a pet can strengthen your relationship.

Learning to love: Caring for a pet helps us understand our own capacity to love. It helps partners who are closed or introvert to open up, especially towards receiving affection. Pets also make us feel content and less demanding, which means chances of insecurities creeping in into your relationship are less. Forming a relationship with a pet also requires us to build trust. Therefore, keeping a pet can help build an intimate, trustworthy relationship with your partner.

No stress, guys: Having a pet — dog, cat or any other animal — is a great stress buster. They also help divert attention, especially when you have a fight with your partner. According to experts, couples who have pets tend to argue less and are able to quickly move on without grudges. Bonding with pets produces oxytocin (the love hormone), which increases the feelings of affection.

Responsibility: There is always a possibility that you might encounter tough situations while taking care of your pet like arguments over who will take the charge of taking the pet for a walk etc . However, this can be a great opportunity to learn how to work together, and bond.

Patience: Team work always facilitates one’s capacity to exercise patience. So, having a pet helps build mutual respect that is based on giving (and taking) time when it comes to resolution of fights.

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