Sonoya Mizuno – Maniac
There was stiff competition for the style winner of Cary Joji Fukunaga’s Maniac. Emma Stone’s 80s look in episode four and all of Sally Fields’ jumpers were on the shortlist. But the lesson here is that sometimes the real star keeps it simple. See Sonoya Mizuno as Dr Azumi Fujita with bowlcut, wire-frame glasses and lab coat. Her hair was based on that of Comme des Garçons’ designer, Rei Kawakubo, so it even has a proper fashion pedigree. One for the discerning fancy dress party – not to mention any upcoming visit to the hairdresser. LC

Patricia Clarkson – Sharp Objects
With never a hair out of place, Patricia Clarkson’s Adora was Sharp Objects’ grand dame of southern gothic style. There were picture hats, sequinned gowns and perfectly set hair, and that was just for daytime. But, appropriately for a show where darkness is always under the surface, Adora’s glamorous style excelled at night. See her long lace nightdresses in peachy pink, accessorised with a clinking whiskey glass. A perfect example of sofa dressing goals for the Christmas period. LC

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