You’ve found your soulmate, and now it’s time to design the wedding of your dreams—except that the latter comes with endless decision-making that is guaranteed to earn you a one-way ticket to bridezilla town. The trick to avoid losing your head, and your hair, in the process is to take an honest call with your partner about the type of wedding you want. Maybe you are looking for an intimate affair with your closest friends and family, or maybe you’d rather have a grand blowout to punctuate the most important day of your life.

Once you’ve decided on the the kind of wedding you’d like to opt for, you can begin thumbing the directory for wedding planners who specialise in your chosen category, thereby making the process less hassling for all parties involved. Not quite sure what you should be asking for? We’ve put together everything that you’ll need to design your dream wedding with the help of a planner in one concise cheatsheet.

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