Priya Elan
My most comfortable item of clothing is an absolutely disgusting old pair of grey jogging bottoms that are threadbare and slightly see-through. They are beyond comfy, light and excellent for dealing with baby spillages and dirty bathrooms. I will be genuinely sad when they finally disintegrate in some embarrassing way (crotch or bum area first). I would never wear them outside the house, because they are frankly obscene. Except one time when I took out the bins and got a startled look from our upstairs neighbour.

Scarlett Conlon
Hands down the most comfortable thing I own is a huge felt blanket scarf I bought in the sale from Cos last year that wraps around my head twice with fabric to spare. It is the most practical thing I own, too; as well as enveloping me against the elements on cold winter mornings and making me feel as cosy as can be, it doubles up as a cover/pillow on flights and something to put over my knees at work when the air-con gets too much. It recently even came to the rescue when a friend’s kid needed tucking up in their buggy.

Morwenna Ferrier
I’ve always been afraid of cashmere, not least because I didn’t think I could afford it, but since the high street came up with a decent line in the stuff that isn’t purse-cripplingly expensive, I’ve really gone for it. My 2018/19 winter game plan is therefore hinged around cashmere pyjama bottoms, a cashmere bed jacket or a cashmere jumper (not matching, and all under £100), which I am wearing to work a lot. It’s not new for me – I’ve long been a fan of bed slips and pyjama tops as shirts – but since the whole nightwear-as-daywear has moved from gimmick to norm, I’ve really committed to it. Just don’t tell anyone I also slept in this.

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