Antiques smugglers had a free run of state’s heritage vijay nanda chandigarh

If you are travelling to Andaman Islands you always have a choice. You can go either go island hopping or just stay put in one island and let life pass you by. You can either jump from ferry to ferry, explore new and unexplored beaches or just laze in one and watch nature spread her moody canvas on the sky and the sea. The husband wanted a holiday and water is his turf. And so I let him plan the trip, which means it was unplanned, impulsive, last minute, filled with fun and relaxation. When we both holiday, we don’t just travel.

he Andaman and Nicobar archipelago may have over 500 islands but barely a handful is open to tourists and that too, only in Andamans. And the most tourist friendly is Havelock. The largest in the Ritchie Archipelago in Greater Andamans, Havelock with its picture perfect beaches and mangrove forests is one of the most spectacular islands in the Bay of Bengal. Adjectives do no justice to it.

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