65% Indians consider smartphones to be their best friend, panic when they can’t find it


Nearly 33% of people, especially the younger generation, care more for their smartphones over engaging with individuals they love, and Indians happens to top the list with 47%, a report said on Saturday.

The study by telecommunications company Motorola, which is developed in partnership with Nancy Etcoff — an expert in Mind-Brain Behaviour and the Science of Happiness, from Harvard University, said: “We, as a generation, are losing control of our lives.”

Over half of the respondents (53%) described their smartphones as their best friend and companion. India tops the chart with 65%,” the study, issued by the independent research company Ipsos, noted. India again topped the list with 64% when it came to people wanting help with phone-life balance.

The global numbers stand at 61% where individuals said they wanted to get the most out of their lives when they were not using their phones. Motorola defines phone-life balance as the desire to have a technology to support lives without becoming the centre of it. The study pinpointed key problematic smartphone behaviours that impacted people’s relationships with others and themselves.

Approximately 50% people agreed that they check their phone more often than they would like and nearly 44% felt compelled to perpetually check their phones. India figures at the top with 65% and 57% respectively,” the study found. Almost 35% of the respondents agreed that they are spending too much time using their phones with 44% of them belonging to Gen Z — people who were born from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s.

India figures at the top with 48% and 55% respectively. Further to this, 53% Indians said that they would be happier if they spent less time on their smartphones. Nearly, 65% people panic when they think they have lost their smartphone. “India stands at the top in emotional overdependence of phone with 77% of respondents admitting that they panic when they lose their phone,” the study said.

Even while not using their smartphones, 46% Indians were thinking about using it the next time they get a chance to check their devices.

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