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Skincare and make-up go hand-in-hand in creating the perfect look. But sometimes we might be damaging our precious organ with simple gestures – and we do it daily. These are beauty tips and tricks to help promote healthy skin while maximizing the effect of make-up application.



You wake up and clean your face. All the dead skin and dirt goes away, and it leaves all the pores opened to anything you put on at that time. Do you want it to fill with pigments and chemicals rapidly? No! Always prime your skin. There are multiple primers for the various areas of your face – pick a good eye primer and don’t let eyeshadow sit directly on your lids.

Prime your face with an adequate primer – there is a multitude of these for different types of skin from oily to very dry. The lips must also be primed with a specific product or even just a clear lip balm. The gesture of priming your face up will create a barrier between your healthy skin and the elements outside – be it make-up or simply air dust particles. If you always start your make-up with good primers, you’ll keep it healthy looking, and it’ll thank you!

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Don’t try and insert an exfoliant in your daily routine. The same way you should always remove makeup and clean your face in the morning and before bed, exfoliating has its place in your weekly routine – use it twice a week (three times if you need it) and no more than that. Use a mild product like Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner that suits every type of skin.

It is tempting to buy a product with harsh looking exfoliating beads, it makes us think it will clean deeply (leaving you with a red face after use!) – but by doing that, you are taking off too much of your natural skin oils and, in result, your skin will produce even more oil to combat the dryness.

So, use a mild exfoliant twice a week to remove all the deep dirt on your pores and your skin will feel a lot smoother after a few applications. Don’t forget to always hydrate your skin after this – your pores will be open and attract all kinds of dirt – a layer of moisturizer is necessary right after to give the skin the necessary ingredients.

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This is one of the most preached beauty tips and tricks. You probably know this by now, but I bet there is always a time when you are just too tired to take all make-up off. And you go to bed on your clean pillow and smudge all those products and color leftovers on the fabric. Now your face is a mess and so is your pillow – if that happens, please wash the pillowcase the next day! It will be full of bacteria from an entire day of makeup, skin oils and air pollution. You don’t want to sleep on that again with a fresh face!

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But here is a tip to avoid going to bed with any makeup on – leave a pack of make-up remover wet wipes (try to find wipes that clear waterproof products too!) on your bedside or anywhere near.

If you are too tired to clean your face with water, these wipes are life saviors – you can lay in bed and clean your face until there is no residue left on the wipes. Use one for your eyes, another for your lips and a third for your entire face. If you can still handle it, wipe it all off one last time with a fourth wipe. You don’t want any product on your face, OK?


When applying concealer under the eye area, most people just drag the product from the inside (the nose area) to the outside (towards the hairline). This gesture is innocent and it goes with our features, it’s a natural gesture. The thing is, when you pull the concealer in that direction, you’re allowing your natural wrinkles (the eye bags area) to fill up with the product.

If you want to end the striped looking eyebags that so many women complain off, just start applying your concealer the other way around – first apply the concealer of your choice to the area, then spread it towards your nose. From outside to inside. This will go against your natural wrinkle formation and help retard those nasty lines. A simple change in the way you apply this product will help fighting wrinkles as well as eliminating any possible lines full of concealer that start to appear after a few hours of application.

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It’s not every day that you want or need to apply a full face of make-up. But there are three items that you should always have with you on the go – an eyebrow pencil, black mascara and lipstick.

If you only have 3 minutes to leave home, just give your eyebrows a pop with a pencil (not too dramatic, go for a natural look, just filling up any blank spaces), apply mascara (with a curvature effect for those who already have long lashes or one for volume if you’re lashes are thin) and, lastly, apply a coloured lipstick of your choice.

If you want to make a statement without a full face of make-up go for a red or orange shade, if you’re just trying to look natural but composed, go for a nude shade that amps up your natural tone of the lips. If you at least cover these 3 steps, you can be sure you’re ready to go!

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These simple beauty tips and tricks are ideal if you want to create a look that defines your style. Be sure to create a regimen that features these tricks to define your everyday look.

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