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Unlike the way fashion trends trickle down from the runway with relative ease, (read: statement sleeves, fanny packs and matchy-matchy power suits), nail trends are often slower to infiltrate. They’re inherently seasonal — pastels for spring, deep reds for holiday — but that doesn’t mean we have to dig out the same light pinks and baby blues for spring 2018.

Instead, we turned to nail art connoisseur Eda Levenson, who goes by the apt moniker Lady Fancy Nails, to find out the top nail trends for the season ahead. In addition to working with Chromat — a brand she says is “leading the charge to make the fashion industry more inclusive, diverse and ethical” —for seven seasons, Levenson’s created the nail art menu at the ultra-cool café-come-nail-salon Chillhouse, so it’s safe to say she knows her stuff.

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