Aside from the occasional negligible zit, my teenage skin never really suffered the emblematic symbols most girls go through when I was coming of age. Naturally, I was oblivious to acne back then—but that was before adulthood hit. Now, I’m engaged in an ongoing battle against my new nemesis, adult acne.

Apart from starting work on the many possible reasons behind the outbreak—from hormonal imbalances to diet—it’s also important to ensure your topical solutions, or what you’re putting on your face, are scrutinised well to suit your skin. After many tried and tested (and failed) skincare formulas, I finally have a list of products that almost always work when I get that much dreaded breakout, specifically when a sudden zit that was nowhere close to existence shows up right before a big event. I am not saying these will make that zit disappear overnight (I’m still to find that magical potion), but they’ll definitely reduce the inflammation and make them almost invisible to the naked human eye the next day.

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