Weddings are festive, but they’re often mega-stressful for the bride and groom. Think of the upcoming nuptials of Meghan Markle and UK’s Prince Harry on May 19 and you get the idea. So how does a high-profile bride like Markle manage all the wedding pressure?

Los Angeles-based psychologist Antonia Hall suggests that brides block out 10- to 15-minute increments of “me-time” to just be alone, meditate, or take some cleansing breaths. “The expectations of a perfect day can lead to some pretty intense stress in prep for and during the actual wedding day,” she said. “What are your self-soothing go-tos? Take a bubble bath, listen to your favourite music, or get some time outdoors.”

And don’t abandon those endorphin-generating activities when you need them the most. “Keep up your exercise routine. Whatever your favourite form of exercise is, keep it in your schedule. Those endorphins will keep you de-stressed and moving through any challenges with greater ease,” Hall said.

Bryce Gruber, editor of the wedding site, noted that Markle has said in the past that she loves practising yoga and using clean-eating techniques. “My bet is on her using slow breathing from her yoga practice to manage her wedding day stress,” she said. “Slow breathing is actually taking off as a popular form of anxiety control. We’ve seen a lot of brides share positive feedback seeing as it’s free, doable anywhere and easy to master.”

Eliminating toxins is also important, Gruber said, including toxic people. “From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like Meghan is doing her best to distance herself from toxic things and people,” she said. Not to stray too far out of the royal lane, Gruber said cannabis is catching on in a major way for anxiety relief.

“Regular brides are using CBD oil-enhanced products to take the edge off their stress. The products are mostly legal if they’re THC-free,” she said. “CBD oils are known to have anxiety-killing, love-enhancing and sleep-aiding compounds that could be helpful for stress-ridden, overtired brides.”

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